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Shinhwa dating history

I am waiting patiently for his future dramas what whatever his endeavors may be  Ok Here it is.

Whoever @Caiteline is makes me so happy thanks to your comment. I wouldn't say that his acting is phenomenal, but I love how he continues to challenge himself, takes acting seriously, and steadily improves through each drama.

No matter what kind of role he has, viewers can see how much he has poured into acting.

Well i cant help but be captivated by has his own charms. He has his character on the tips of his fingers,depicting his character in the dramas very well..humble and simple! He's role in Yong Pal makes him more dashing and ore attractive. I truly thank you for the light that shines through you even in midst of the characters you play. :) Joo woon hyung..u are in #1 rank korean actor for me..i've been watching you since Bridal mask as the matter of fact that was the first korean drama i have watched form beginning till the end cause i am more to variety show before.your acting took my interest to watch korean drama. Watched his drama Good Doctor and it was amazing so I also watched Bridal Mask, which was even better!

For some reason, I dont find him very handsome but he is surely great actor mostly in Good doctor. Love you JOO WOON:) I love this guy in the bridal mask movie, he is a great, great actor, bringing the emotions, I also loved him as the physician as a bright but impaired guy trying to be the doctor, he's been my favorite out of all the korean movies I've seen this last 6 months, I am hooked on korean drama movies, I'm 63 and a female, I don't know how this happened, I love these movies, they do not offer the sensuality that other movies have and they are clean and wholesome and real, I especially like period korean movies about history, even though it's part history part untrue, they are still very good, I am so impressed with korea now, ty so much U are so talented, love u from the beginning in baker king, bridal mask and good doctor are superb and now yongpal is a blast, though i dont really like neil cantabile but still u look so cuteee... And u should try variety again after 2days 1night, altought u didnt do much u still so funny and cute made us laught with ur charm, love u baebae :* Joo Won, your drama Bridal Mask is one of few Korean drama that will always on my top list. You are the best actor that can play wide range of characters. since then i always following your film/drama/variety show, u are one talented actor, other guy maybe watching your recent drama (Yong Pal) because kim tae hee in there, but i watched it is because you as and main actor. Joo Won is a phenomenal actor and should not be judged just by his looks.

I haven't watched all of his dramas, but I am very happy to see what he does.

In Bread, Love, and Dreams, he must learn how to bake.

They can act but in my opinion their acting is just average and their looks spike their average acting up to a B, which would attract me to watch the drama once and move on.

It’s the talent and skills of a person that really stays.

Joo Won is talented actor I appreciate his tv drama Bridal Mask he is good in acting. Really love the scene between you and Naeil...really fun to rewinding those scenes.. As a fan, I chiefly pay attention to his acting and relentless effort.

I like also the team-up of Joo Won and Jinseyeon in BM the #joosey couple Leekangto and Mok Dan hope they have a chance to reunite also because they have chemistry I saw the BTS of their endorsement EDWIN they both cute smile btw... I acknowledge he truly is way beyond mediocre actor.

I am really sorry that I couldn't give you any of my best, but I could give the best pray through your great career path for greater success. Thank you for all the best and amazing film and movie that you have gone through and for your next films and movies too. Don't ever give up as well as me going through my life and health survival for the whole of my ages untill nowadays and further........ I wish Joo Won success in his career and personal life and also winning awards for the great and exceptional performance in Yong Pal. I cant help but give him this place of a great actor of his time. They are all amazing in acting, body movement and facial expressions. Moon joowon you are the best in everything you do from breathing to acting.