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Sexual fantasy chatroom bot

We are DID-friendly; alters (whether adults or "littles") are welcome here. No matter how, where, when it happened or by whom, we are here to help you. Congratulations on your first steps toward healing. Survivors Chat - Working together and moving forward **If you are in a crisis situation** Please see our resources. We are just fellow survivors of abuse and other trauma who are trying to create a safe place here.

Mystical Realms was built to connect role-players of all skills and styles worldwide.

Similar to the game of make-believe, but it is conducted in real time, in a chat room.

You'll get your boarding pass through this channel.

At first it hurt, but after I was stretched out a little , I started to really enjoy it and still do. Walking from a friends house he placed his hand over my mouth and pulled my other arm behind my back.

altho the first time i had sex isn't very clear, i know it must have happened in my crib because i can vividly remember certain parts of it, just not very much. I was but 8, had been dressing with 3 of my 13 aunts on weekends..attending church...singing in the "boys choir". I placed my arms up and said, please don't hurt me. When I was twelve i talked my mom into letting me stay overnight at the fairgrounds with my animal. During he night I was walking from the restroom and these... I don't remember why but I walked into the nearby woods with him. This eighth grader always picked on my eight yr old brother. And my older sister made me start by doing it to them with my mouth.

i mostly remember hearing the gate being lowered and the feel of hands over my body. Taking the local electric streetcar back and forth from home to the church four times a week going to choir practice by myself.. he said having it in my mouth was just fine...wasn't. Work so hard to have a good rep for kids and wife..are good people Why do I fight with being an ***.... My mom and dad were divorced and my mom worked late sometimes so I walked a lot. He told me he was going to ***** me then finger me and I froze in fear. as i turrned to walk away a third man grabbed me and asked what my hurry was. One summer day at the park I confronted him and told him if he didn't leave my brother alone I would tell my older brother. I couldn't breathe, I hated it so much but was scared to tell.

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