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Alex makes it his goal to get Jack to open his heart up to love again, but will he be able to help Jack overcome the horrors of his past while trying to run from his own? “If you’re gonna kick my ass,” Patrick snarls, “just fucking do it, pussy.” Shirtless laughs.

Not one parent has yet given me a code, and it's now too late to check them when they do. I can refuse to offer 30 hours because they're late, or I can put in a claim on an unverifiable code and risk working until Christmas for no money if there's a problem with the code.

Even if the codes are correct, I can only count on half payment 'until further notice' because the LA's "system" was only designed to manage 15 hours and is yet to be upgraded.

Pete was going to get himself a little notebook and fill it with some life advice to make this annoying pain in the ass people called existence easier for any potential offspring he might be expected to raise. Defending thieves, meth heads and weekend drunks isn't exactly changing the city for the better.

Pete is a freshly qualified attorney working for Chicago’s Public Defender’s Office, a job he's done for six months and already thinks he might be starting to hate.

So I still waiting for the next text messages from HM GOV.

Nadia Hi Nadia, Just wanted to know if you have received your code?

Sent from my i Phone using Netmums mobile app I applied for the 30 free hours today and got 2 text messages to say they've sent me "secure messages" but can I with out how to login to my so called account?! So I still waiting for the next text messages from HM GOV.

I hope my message can help every mum confused by trying to access to their Childcare Account secure messages.

I’ll name him Baby P and I swear I’ll walk him every day.”A re-telling of the tale of Fall Out Boy against the backdrop of the Cold War, leg warmers and Duran Duran.

Patrick is a pop star, arrogant and young, who believes everything he reads about himself.

Parents and childcare providers really must work together and not let politicians off the hook for the mess they've created.