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While India celebrates unity in diversity, China believes in crushing any notions of religion.' Many people from India have commented on the video sharing their anger at the video.

Wearing a turban and a fake beard, the actor then says in an attempted Indian accent: 'Nobody's blaming me because i'm asleep.' The host then goes on to give a run down of India's 'seven sins' over the past two months.

“In contrast, quantum key distribution (QKD) uses individual light quanta (single photon) in quantum superposition states to guarantee unconditional security between distant parties.” Technical reasons had previously limited such conversations to distances of a few hundred kilometres, the academy said, but they had found a “promising solution to this problem” involving a “sophisticated satellite, named Micius”.

It is equipped with “a decoy-state QKD transmitter, an entangled-photon source, and a quantum teleportation receiver and analyser”.

A statement issued by the Chinese Academy of Sciences reported that its president, Chunli Bai, had held a video conversation with his counterpart at the Austria Academy of Sciences in Vienna, Anton Zeilinger, in the “first real-world demonstration of intercontinental quantum communication”.

“Private and secure communications are fundamental human needs,” the statement said.

This sounds almost unbelievably odd but the physics that explains it has some important real-world implications.

And one of those is encrypting communication so there is no chance of anyone – be they hackers, spies or the security services – eavesdropping on private conversations.

Perhaps people who don’t normally use this service won’t be able to understand the feeling.” For Zhu Peihua, who says he doesn’t have enough money to get a girlfriend, it’s all about companionship. That pales in comparison with the more than a million yuan (108,866 pounds) given to one hostess on the platform - a record so far.