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Sex fira 16

There's a uc (or undercover) operation."Celeste also tells me on at least 10 occasions, officers provided police reports or inside information on criminal cases for her and her friends.

At least seven law enforcement agencies have launched investigations, but the Alameda County Sheriff is done.

Celeste: "I don't have lipstick on."Dan: "That's alright.

Go ahead."Celeste: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."Dan: That's okay."But, she has seen more in her 18 years than anyone should in a lifetime. Celeste: "Guap means money."Dan: "Guap means money?

"There's this one time we did it in the car and he had his canine watching us from the backseat."Celeste tells me investigators have interviewed her and copied everything on her phone -- texts and chats with officers, even photos of them having sex. According to Celeste, it involves: It was just a coincidence that the Richmond park I chose for the interview was the same place many cops took her for sex.

Celeste: "Three out of all the 30 paid me."Dan: "Only three out of the 30."Celeste: "Yeah, yeah."Dan: "Why did you have sex with the other ones who didn't pay you?

"Celeste: "Yeah, it's slang, like street for money."Even though her mother holds a good job as an Oakland police dispatcher, Celeste was exposed to drugs and prostitution growing up in Richmond, and then decided to hit the streets herself.

Dan: "Can you tell me at what age you actually took money for sex?

(KGO-TV)ABC7's sister station KGO in San Francisco interviewed the 18-year-old woman at the center of the Oakland police sex scandal. Officers, sergeants, and captains are under investigation for having sex with a young prostitute; several incidents when she was underage.