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Sex dating in prestwick ayrshire

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At the time Lawson said to our sister paper the Herald: “They waited until I was at my weakest.

“It didn’t matter that it took them eighteen years.” Peter Kearney, director of the Scottish Catholic Media Office said: “Father Lawson was asked to change Parish but he did not want to. “They then dropped the case which cost both sides money.” It is understood there are ongoing legal proceedings against Father Paul Moore for these alleged sexual abuse incidents.

“As of February 2016, the case was dropped by the claimant before coming to court.

No settlement was made in favour of the claimant and both sides met their legal costs.

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“The cost of the Dioceses in 2015 was £3,678 with further payments of £25,098 made in 2016.” At the time Father Lawson opined he was removed as parish priest of St Sophia’s in Galston in September 2013 following his 18 year dispute when he spoke out against Father Moore.