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Meanwhile, children face more risks from modern life than they did in the past. They drink wine all day, lack responsibility and are self-indulgent.

Sexual abuse leads to physical damage and to long-term psychological trauma for children.

Minh: Reasons include lack of responsibility on the part of child protection agencies.

The most important reason for childhood sexual abuse of Vietnamese children is that traditional moralities are being disregarded. So they spend less time taking care of their children.

A victim’s family fears the incident will harm the future of their child while an offender’s family fears that they will be scorned by the public.

Viet Nam News - Recently, a school guard of La Pán Tẩn primary school in the northern mountainous province of Lào Cai was investigated for the alleged sexual abuse of 23 schoolgirls, and a male secondary-school teacher was found to have sexually abused his 14-year-old female student in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang.

Outside the country, a Vietnamese entertainer was detained in the US on charges of child sex abuse.

In urban areas, children who use the internet to chat and make online friends are often targeted by sexual abuse offenders.