Start Sequence of updating my transas ecdis

Sequence of updating my transas ecdis

target contours and dimensions (Optionally)• Internet AIS service (Optional subscription)• Weather service (Optional subscription)• Tides and tidal currents (Optional subscription)• Sailing guides. Tells me everything I need to know; tides, wind, pressure, wave height, etc.

All the planning and onboard navigation was done on an i Pad with i Sailor (with considerable prudent backup that was unneeded). The skipper said “the nav job was fantastic.”There is a reasonable learning curve to i Sailor because this is a sophisticated, prosumer-level product.

This included three unanticipated ports of call which required rerouting while at sea. There are numerous app-purchase chart packs and instrumentation add-ones.

Existing vessels will be required to retrofit the system at the first survey after certain dates in the regulations depending on the vessel type and size.