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At the WNBA's rookie orientation, Griner says she declined to participate in a session about makeup application and how to dress.

Wearing her purple-and-orange Mercury uniform, with matching star tattoos visible on each shoulder, Griner speaks into the camera: "I got teased: the big hands, little bit deep voice, the big feet—just, you know, I got teased." Which understates the verbal bullying she endured in junior high and high school: a relentless parade of incidents like, as Fagan wrote in , on her lower back, beneath an image of two skulls.)The worst times were in seventh grade, Griner says.

Confiding in neither friends nor family—she grew up outside of Houston, the youngest of four children of a police officer and a homemaker—she'd retreat to her room to cry, she recalls, "Just thinking, like, Why am I even here? " Finding basketball in ninth grade gave her a purpose and a passion, she says, not that her adolescence then followed a direct path out of prejudice to bliss.

"I don't think Ray could live with himself if he lost his daughter."These days, Griner is open and easy about her lesbianism, in tune with her generation's relative agnosticism about sexual preference.

From the beginning, a substantial chunk of its fans have been gay women, but despite the stereotype of WNBA games as dens of licentiousness where everyone's waving her freak flag, only a handful of players are out.

"Sexuality is who you go to bed The latter subject is in some ways more straightforward, easier for sports reporters and cultural observers to address—and celebrate.

In April, during a video interview on Sports, Griner offhandedly acknowledged that she's a lesbian.

Never again.)Griner quickly gravitates to a burgundy sleeveless T-shirt by Robert Geller and a black Saint Laurent sweatshirt top with cutoff sleeves and a narrow silver chain sewn across the yoke.