Start Same sessionid after invalidating session

Same sessionid after invalidating session

When your program attempts to retrieve that session, it will fail.

If you are using get Session() and it does return a session it should be a new one - see the is New() method of Http Session.

you should be using get Session( false ) which would return null if the old session has indeed been invalidated.

Bill Bill, I agree that the old session is not getting retrieved. If yes, is there a way I can invalidate the cookie.

But my problem is that using a combination of Back and Refresh I am able to login to the application without having to enter the credentials again.

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In this article, we examine vulnerabilities related to Session Management.

Since Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is stateless, special provisions must be made outside of the protocol for the server to remember previous interactions with a user.

In web-applications, a “session” refers to a data-structure stored on the server that is associated with a specific user during a limited time-period.