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Ryan edgar and kari jobe dating

Their live album, Wake Up The World, debuted at #2 on Billboard's Top Christian Albums chart in 2008.

Prior to releasing Kari Jobe, Jobe has released a compllation album titled Kari Jobe, a live concert album titled Throneroom Worship: Live Acoustic Worship and a Christmas album titled Bethlehem.

From her self-titled album, "I'm Singing" debuted at #13 on Billboard's Christian singles chart.

"My favorite scripture verse is Psalm , it says, 'Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and He will strengthen your heart.' So, I know that He's had me wait, I'm in my thirties right now, you know, He's had me wait because His timing is perfect." Jobe continued on to give advice and hope to single girls.

"So, those of you girls who are listening and you're single, God has a perfect man for you and it will be the best timing when it's the right time and it's God's time," she said.

"This past year has been the season of being completely uncomfortable and going through things I didn't understand that were really hard," Jobe said, according to her .

"I was literally having to hold on in my heart and trust He had everything in control.

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