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Royal delft dating

Bij de Royal Delft Experience ontdekt u de complete geschiedenis en het productieproces van het Delfts aardewerk.

Thooft also worked together with Leo Senf, one of the most important designers of the history of the factory.

In the 17th century, Royal Delft had several factories all over Delft.

This family run antique store has a huge collection of traditional Dutch items, including silverware, clocks and glasses.

Furthermore, Kramer Kunst & Antiek is a certified Delftware trader and has an entire section dedicated to beautiful, ceramic tiles that date back to the 17th century.

is the only remaining factory of the 32 earthenware factories that were established in Delft during the 17th century.

It is known for its Delftware production, which has been active for more than 350 years, without interruption.

Een nieuw servies van de meester-schilders van Royal Delft.