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Roxanne pallett dating

We would text each other all day with funny, sweet messages.

To play from start to end without breaking after each scene and steering the character in that given moment with a choice based on feeling rather than camera angles is a different dimension for us to channel.

The adrenalin of the live audience also determines your state of mind and can affect nerves, delivery and decisions made in a moment.

The best way to survive the festive season is to keep myself distracted.” She adds: “I’m not ready to raise a glass in Pamela’s memory yet, but I hope I will be one day.

I’m close to her parents – I sent her dad a mini Christmas tree to place on her grave this year.

Although I've mainly been back on screen again recently with guest leads on Waterloo Road and Casualty, and making the British features Devil's Tower and It's a Lot, I'm over the moon that I'm getting the chance to be on stage once again, albeit in a show totally different to anything I've done before - The Rocky Horror Show - next month.

I may not change everyone's perception of a 'soap star' but I just aspire to please each audience as best I can, and to try and enjoy myself along the way!

It was so fulfilling and rewarding, I was determined to do more.