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Romance china romances lover dating

The word refers to women who don’t get married by 27, and are then considered “leftover” or “cast aside,” essentially undesirable.

Zhang lost his father at a young age, was raised exclusively by his mother, and was the favorite pick of female contestant Liu Xinling.

However, Liu raised some concerns over him being from a single-parent household without giving concrete reasons.

While Xinling ignored these concerns and said she still wanted to date him, apologizing profusely for her mother, Zhang in turn rejected her, saying that he firstly didn’t want her to go against her mother’s wishes, and secondly that he had no interest marrying into a family that had a problem with his upbringing.

Despite his nontraditional family, it seems Zhang still has a lot of traditional love and respect for his mother. Sometimes You Just Cast Your Fate to the Wind According to one of the show’s producers, Liu Yuan, its two objectives are to explore intergenerational communication via its contestants and their parents, and to bring together couples already fated for each other (indicating 缘分, roughly translates into English as the fate that brings two things together (usually people, but not always, and not always romantically).

The term covers a whole range of occurrences, from getting a job in the same city you traveled to a long time ago and loved, to bumping into a middle school classmate twenty years on, to finding your true love.

Here’s a couple things you can learn from the show, although these obviously might not reflect on your experiences dating in China. It's a Numbers Game As with many countries, double standards exist with regards to men and women in China, which results in certain contestants receiving unfair treatment.

Part of this stems from the still present notion of , or 剩女.

The show has already received no small amount of negative feedback online, accused of being a “step backwards for Chinese society," with some netizens saying it amounts to arranged marriage with new packaging.