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Ring dating styles

“Kiwi,” the new music video from Harry Styles, has finally arrived!

I use it a lot, usually in A2 but sometimes if things are going well and I haven't used it I save it for C1.

If she isn’t wearing any rings – “I notice you aren’t wearing any rings, that’s unusual for a woman.

Out of curiosity, and ill explain why in a minute, when you do wear rings what fingers are they usually on.

He was the only god that didn’t live on mount Olympus, he did his own thing.

And the thumb kind of sticks out, it kind of does its own thing.

If she has a ring on her wedding finger say “is that an engagement ring or do you just wear that to keep the womanisers away?? cancer most girls i have come across only seem to wear rings on these fingers.. I say wait till comfort before giving out hard-core chick crack.

This can be used in comfort although I usually use it in A1 - almost immediately after the opener. but by knowing their star sign you can tell them a bit about themself.. Otherwise: why are you so interested in her so early? Also note that chick crack is great for staying in set a long time but it seems to attract the craziest/most troubled girls the most.

Start to rock out of the set and then "notice" the rings and say "i have to ask before I leave (FTC again), do you always wear those (that) ring(s) on those(that) finger(s).