Start Rihanna is dating kanye west

Rihanna is dating kanye west

Kim Kardashian and her charming husband Kanye West are heading for divorce and there is nothing that will stop them according to a new report.

Magazine] had a massive fight over Rihanna, all because Kanye has been getting ‘closer’ to the R&B singer.

To be completely fair, Kim Kardashian clearly has massive insecurities about Kanye hanging out with anybody else, especially someone as talented, young, beautiful, and connected as Rihanna.

"Famous" features a segue from "braggadocious, bell-ringing hip-hop" into samples of Sister Nancy's dancehall song "Bam Bam" chopped up over the chord progression featured in Nina Simone's "Do What You Gotta Do".

After the initial release of The Life of Pablo, "Famous" was among the several tracks to receive alterations in West's March 2016 update of the album; changes included a different mix and slightly altered lyrics.

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Plus, both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a well-documented history of cheating, and whenever rumors about them ‘flirting’ with other people reaches the Internet, we know they usually have some basis in fact.

At this point, neither Kim nor Kanye trust each other, but they’re staying married to prove their critics wrong.

A Private Meet & Greet with Kanye West before the show.

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – and that’s exactly how Kim Kardashian‘s feeling after discovering baby daddy Kanye West had a secret meeting with sexpot Rihanna.

In fact, rumor has it that she’s already seeing a divorce lawyer, which means that an official divorce might happen sooner rather than later.