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Review speed dating

So, while it took me just six hours in total to date each and every dad, it may take upwards of fifteen hours for other folks to complete.

Opting for Unity detracts from the visual novel experience in that the game does not include so many features one would expect.

There’s no option to change text speed, auto option, highlighting of previously-selected choices or dialogue history.

Another answer results in hearts, sweat drops and, oddly enough, eggplants flying out.

There are tons of dialogue choices already so that wasn’t an issue.

After just barely settling in, he comes across a cavalcade of handsome men desperate to become his friend.

This includes an old college buddy, someone who looks strikingly like a vampire, an overly-competitive dude, youth minister and other oddball characters.

Somehow, after just that small amount of time, a real relationship suddenly develops and it feels like we’ve completely missed out on huge parts of it.