Start Reset back factory bios after updating

Reset back factory bios after updating

You can reference them from the Eclipse Help system in CCS or you can navigate to the components doc directory and view them there.

Now, gently knock every corner of your touchscreen to realign it.

Use volume up/down buttons to navigate and press Power button to select.

Be careful and don’t mess with other options or you may brick your phone.

The MCSDK also enables developers to evaluate the hardware and software capabilities using the C66x evaluation module.

The Mandarin version of this training can be found here.

But their automatic screen wake/sleep feature sometime cause the device to malfunction. If everything else doesn’t work, try doing a hard reset on your phone.

This will wipe your phone/tablet and return it to its original condition.

Many users are reporting issues of touchscreen not working, being unresponsive and so on. In that case you need to restart your Android device.