Start Red adult blue dating

Red adult blue dating

" A gruff southern voice filled the silence of the night.

Panting to get his breath back, he held the bundle closer and silenced its cries as he almost couldn't stop his own tears of joy.

With a few careful steps, they walked up to the door.

Even if one was willing to give him a lift, he couldn't afford the fair, even if he did know where he was going.

"I don't know what I'm going to do."The older man sat up a little, taking a sip out of his own drink which was suspiciously pink but either Simmons hadn't seen it or had the courtesy to pretend not to.

Heavy breaths that filled the air with a blinding fog left Simmons' blueing lips as he ran past late-night traffic, his feet crunching through unshovelled snow through the cold street.

He could have sworn, if you listened carefully, you could hear the universe taunting him for believing for a second that things were alright.

"Not long now," he managed to stand back up without the use of his arms, leaving the cracking ice and a few slithers of blood behind before he kept going, albeit, a little more cautiously now.

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