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Recorded chat room

Lurking in secret chat rooms with appropriate names like 'Air Zeraw', mm, cerver, 'w Ar Ez XXX', g00dz, 'punter', 'gif', 'coldice' 'GRi P' as well as 'trade' to name a few chatrooms, AOHell created bots often referred to as 'servers' which would send out a list of warez (illegally copied software) contained in their mailbox.

is an in-person forum about how the internet has changed art, with a specific topic each time.

Botters were able to circumvent this limitation by signing up for a white-list account which was subject to an unknown probationary period where AOL administrators monitored the account.

The existence of software like AOHell provided a sort of parallel 'lite' version of the hacker underground that had existed for years before, based around bulletin board systems.

Presenters: Professor Matthew Sparke, scholar in digital geography, in conversation with Tabita Rezaire's film Afro Cyber Resistance about global internet access’s effect on cultural production; Professor Caroline Simpson, scholar in politics of visual culture, with a focus on race and gender.