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Radioactive dating disproved

The interpretation of data will depend, not only on the theoretical model being used, but on the presuppositions that the interpreter brings to the interpretation.

Data cannot speak for themselves; they have to be interpreted through a theoretical model.

This is clearly seen from this admission, written by Dr Richard Lewontin, evolutionary biologist at Harvard University.

Not only is naturalism not required for the interpretation of scientific data, but it can also be easily demonstrated that naturalism so constrains the allowable explanations of origins that it results in only incorrect explanations being possible. Requiring that its origin be explained only using natural process might result in something like a hurricane going through a junk yard and leaving a 747.

Each of these was, in its day, considered to be ‘settled science’ by the vast majority of scientists, but all were wrong. Scientific measurements can only disprove theories or be consistent with them.