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Plies dating anyone

After a very small amount of deliberation, I came to a solid conclusion. I couldn’t date someone who lived in the limelight previously or someone that is livin’ in the limelight now. In dating a celebrity, I’d hate to have to consider the fact that she’s slept with other celebs (Not cool) and that thousands of men are probably rubbin’ one out to her picture on a daily basis (Kinda cool and not cool at the same time).

I see these women aggressively pursuing each of them and I give these chicks the side eye.

I’d be analyzed like never before and I’d be put under a searing hot spotlight that I’m not really ready for now and probably won’t be ready for ever.

Call me what you wanna call me, but I’m just speakin’ the honest truth.

” Yet and still, they aggressively try and I really don’t get it. A lot of these chicks are in pursuit of a relationship. I won’t have s*x with a woman who used to take strokes from a camel (Sorry folks. What if my girl used to date T-Pain back in the day?