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‘When someone’s having a session in the other room I’m just blasé. Emily reckons she can make £5-6,000 a week, while Cookie gets paid £2,000 just to have a man over for one night. ‘I’m not a big shopper; I get my clients to do that for me. Cookie’s really close to her parents although when her mum appears on the documentary it’s clear she’s not over the moon about her daughter’s career. But they know, it’s just not like we sit down and talk about it at supper.

Emily’s more the shopper.’ What’s the most she’s ever made in one go? As long as they’re happy and I’m happy, that’s what matters.’So, go on then. ‘I do watersports on a weekly basis; I piss on people for a living! I’ve taken people to the shops and told them to buy dog food and shouted at them.

GCHQ has tapped much of the internet’s core infrastructure, and these images reportedly came from those cable taps. Optic Nerve involved storing a still picture every 5 minutes — though the document mentions a desire to achieve a faster rate — and the goal appears to have been face detection.

GCHQ appears to have trialed automated searches using this technology.

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