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The Walt Whitman Bridge opened in 1957, with a total length of 11,981 feet (3,652 m) and main span length of 2,000 feet (610 m).

Transportation in Philadelphia involves the various modes of transport within the city and its required infrastructure.

In addition to facilitating intracity travel, Philadelphia's transportation system connects Philadelphia to towns of its metropolitan area and cities of the Boston-Washington megalopolis.

When the street grid was designed by Penn, he named the east-west streets after trees (although four have since been renamed), and assigned the north-south streets numbers, starting with Front Street by the Delaware River.

Market Street, running east-west, and Broad Street, running north-south, are the arteries of Center City, and originate from a loop around Philadelphia City Hall.

Other expressways are the Vine Street Expressway (I-676), running between the Schuylkill Expressway and Delaware Expressway through downtown Philadelphia, and the Roosevelt Expressway (US 1), a freeway portion of the Roosevelt Boulevard.

Philadelphia is connected to New Jersey across the Delaware River by four bridges, three of which are maintained by the Delaware River Port Authority.

starting with Front Street for east-west streets and Market Street for north-south streets.