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The Associated Press quoted Rose as saying: “We will work to de-fund them in every state wherever it is possible, to de-license them and to expose them,” she told the conservative Value Voters Summit in October.

They claimed to be pimps seeking medical care, birth control and abortions for prostitutes as young as 14, some in the U. That video depicts Amy Woodruff, a manager of a Planned Parenthood location in Perth Amboy, N.

J., advising the sex trafficker how to obtain medical care for underage girls.

But when the video was made public on Tuesday, Woodruff was fired by Planned Parenthood, according to

“The behavior we saw in the videotape was egregious and repugnant,” said Planned Parenthood spokesman Stuart Schear, adding that it was “completely inexplicable and inconsistent with what Planned Parenthood does.” Planned Parenthood offers family planning and health services, particularly to low-income women, including testing for sexually transmitted disease (STD), sexual abuse and rape treatment and counseling, cancer screening, vaccination, access to birth control and abortion.

She also appears to joke with the pimp about how he could keep his prostitutes working immediately following an abortion by selling their services “from the waist up.” When asked if the girls can get abortions, she replies that if they are under 15, they should go to an abortion clinic whose “protocols are not as strict as ours,” and supplies the man, who remains off-camera, with the name and address of the clinic.

(More on Philly Abortion Horrors: What Matters Is How and Not When an Abortion Is Done, Says Expert) Woodruff’s New Jersey location was among the clinics that reported the incident to Planned Parenthood’s central office, which compelled them to contact the FBI about the possibility of an underage prostitution ring.

You can see the full video below: Vodpod videos no longer available.

Given that Live Action’s collaborators visited 12 clinics in six states, the other 10 videos would give the public a fuller picture of Planned Parenthood staff members’ responses.

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But it is impossible to know whether Woodruff’s seeming encouragement of the purported sex trafficker was an attempt to coax the victims of abuse into her care, or whether it “proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Planned Parenthood intentionally breaks state and federal laws and covers up the abuse of the young girls it claims to serve,” as Live Action president Lila Rose has stated.