Start Outlook exchange connected but not updating

Outlook exchange connected but not updating

After trying and checking some things, I asked to turn on Outlook for Mac’s logging hoping to find something in the Exchange Web Services log (Outlook for Mac 2011 is EWS based).

This is obviously a DNS problem I know, the computer decides it knows better than the IT administrator and says "don't worry bro I got this" and resolves a name in the outlook profile (type in 192.168.x.x, and it'll resolve to "myserver"), only to look up that same name ("myserver") later with no response (so it can't look up the corresponding IP again).

I have tried the setup multiple times on new installs. Windows 7 Forums is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation.

Anyone have experience with outlook exchange setups that could help find out whats missing between vista and 7? "Windows 7" and related materials are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.

When users send a message then it gets stuck in the Outbox until they open the Outbox. I can fix the problem by deleting the users' profile folders, thus forcing new ones to be created. Hi Pegasus Shoulda said in my previous post about Outlook 2002 (wont have cached mode) Therefore I would check the IPconfig /all of a working pc and a non working pc, mainly looking at DNS settings pointing to Server.

When someone sends them a new message then it will not become visible until they click the Inbox. "Pegasus (MVP)" I am having the same exact problem here, for one of my users, they were on 2000 outlook, i upgraded and removed profile and added it back after installing 2003 and it worked fine.

2013-01-24 .359,0x FFFFFFFF, Outlook Exchange Web Services, Info,"EWS: Sending request on connection=0x7d31dae8, URL=/EWS/Exchange.asmx, Soap Action="" Item""" 2013-01-24 .477,0x FFFFFFFF, Outlook Exchange Web Services, Info, EWS: Received response on connection=0x7d7005c8; status=200 I then noticed various EWS requests returned http status code 200 (means OK) but also 500’s, which correspond to “Internal Server Error”. Sync Folder Items, Get Folder, Get Item) but not for all requests.

Now, code 500 isn’t very helpful (general terminal failure) and a quick restart of IIS with iisreset /restart /noforce didn’t solve things.

I am trying to configure my Outlook 2007 Exchange account on the...