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The best guess as to how the term became associated with obsessive fandom is that the word was an inside joke among the production staff of the anime series in 1982, and that they would have characters (notably Lynn Minmay) use the over-polite form of address, even when inappropriate.

See The Other Wiki's page on this for more info.) A related term is , which refers to a teenager or young adult who withdraws completely from society for an extended period, typically isolating themselves within their parents' house and become psychologically fixated to particular hobbies; hikikomori in media are usually otaku of some sort.

Although she created her current channel back in 2014, she has stated that she created her first account back in 2006, not disclosing the name of it, in which she made AMV'S, but she stopped making these videos due to how time consuming they were to make. Aki is very eccentric and bubbly in her videos, which she claims is not the case in her real life, especially during her younger years, in which she depicted the very generic, introverted, anti-social Otaku, even sometimes bordering on weeaboo.

Her family knows she's into anime, manga, video games, and cosplay, and it's well known among her You Tube fanbase that she's a hentai lover, especially tentacle hentai, which she is not ashamed of much (although her family does not know this stuff, for obvious reasons).

For the otaku starter kit you should have a few things1: a home made list for keeping track of the anime you have watched (manga/read)2: an anilist account so you can keep track online and see "to be announced" anime and new season anime3: an anime amino account (no questions asked)4: anime news network as one of the home page tabs on your internet browser5: an Anime streaming website of your choice. Many users have the same anime interests as me and when I run out of anime to watch, I get recommended new anime that I have never seen before. At school and things, it may be harder to find people who like the same thing as you.

akidearest, also known as Aki whose real name is Agnes Usagi Diego, is a female anime You Tuber known for her rants on specific topics in the anime community and about other Otaku, as well as her vocaloid top lists.

She loves cosplay, and has a weekly Q&A series on her channel; people can ask questions on Twitter or in the comments section of the previous part by doing the #dearaki, similar to Joey's #Answer Me Senpai and Noble's #Ask Noble Senpai.

As of now Aki has very little of her history known.

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