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So whether you want a fellow football fanatic or a fine diner, can help you find them quickly and easily.

How does that manifest in individuals' desire for long-term relationships?

About 19% of unmarried men and 25% of unmarried women said they wanted one even more. The 42-year-old from Santa Monica rejoined the weekend after Thanksgiving, having broken up with the guy she'd been seeing the last few months.

' There aren't any."For Fields, it was the relatively recent void-of-people-in-public-places that led her to spend more time with her keyboard.

But for a lot of other Americans, it's decreased wealth -- both real and perceived -- that's keeping them home, inspiring them to spend less money and more quality time with their computers. While reported a 50% increase in profile views from November to December, a recent survey of 1,500 members found that 84% of them were "being more selective about first dates in today's economy.""There's this underlying anxiety I feel energetically everywhere I go," Fields said.

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The 26-year-old aspiring actor, tap dancer and writer has a full-time job at the Apple Store in Pasadena and says the economy "hasn't affected me that much." Still, he said, when he goes out, "You're trying to save money as best you can without telling the girl you're saving money.""It's a very thin line between sort of being that man and also understanding that I may not have the money right now," he added.