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Greta Perhaps I should start from the beginning, let's say, two years ago.

Yet, there was an underlying tension that I know both of us felt.

I knew he had no idea that our browser tracked everything he did when he was online.

I decided to 'hold my fire' as it were, and see how this developed.

I've been told many times that I'm pretty, and even though I'm a little on the plump side, guys still seemed to like my body and there was never a shortage of men who were willing to take care of me. In my life plan, romantic entanglements would just get in the way of my goals, and that was the last thing I wanted.

Also, I never liked the idea of having to deal with someone's idiosyncratic issues or force them to deal with mine.

Chris confessed to me a couple times that he had a 'Dominant Female' fetish and, at the time, it didn't particularly interest me. I never considered myself to be a take-charge person and I didn't really have a 'dominant' type personality.

Thankfully, he never really pushed the issue and we both seemed content to just let it drop.

At the very least, didn't realize its significance.

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