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At police headquarters, investigators examined the laptop and found 378 videos and eight photographs containing child pornography, the warrant says.

He told her he was going to be arrested, lose his job and go to jail, according to the warrant.

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Police said in that video the female’s face isn’t visible, but they believe she appears to be a young girl based on her body development. Milford investigators were able to trace that IP address back to Mehan’s home on Bray Avenue in Devon, according to the warrant.

A Milford detective did surveillance near Mehan’s home Dec. The detective found all wireless networks there are secured and that the person who uploaded the image from Mehan’s home had access to that network. Mehan himself answered the door when police knocked, according to the warrant.

At that point, Mehan reportedly became “very uncomfortable” and asked to speak to them in another room.

There, Mehan confessed that there was child pornography on one device in the home, an HP laptop, according to the warrant.

When police asked Mehan how much illegal material was on the computer, he reportedly said “a lot.” Mehan told police he’d become interested in child pornography over the previous several months, but said he didn’t produce any of the material himself, according to the warrant.