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The self-portraits continue thirty years later in photos -- most of which appear on Internet dating websites with my nickname Sexullectual, whose profile reads: ME: Not here for random sex or one night stands. 1922 ( piano, synth) -- A large man swaggers happily around his European estate in 1922. Arsenal ( piano, percussion) -- About a lack of integrity between men and women when sex is involved.10.

The Message -- AIDs in Africa and how the west has the drugs required to reduce suffering but will not make them accessible because of a capitalist agenda.

Mecca Normal has a history of writing songs about various social concerns, feminism, injustice, poverty, prison justice, housing, capitalism etc.

The photo on the CD cover is one of many I have had up on an online dating website over the past couple of years. The line that reveals that a singer doesn't think she can affect change, doesn't think she can write a hit, but she has to try -- reveals another issue: complacency, and the viability of art/music as protest and as a way to influence social change.

I am writing about my dating experiences for my third book F. We wrote "The Caribou and the Oil Pipeline" in the summer, rehearsed it a lot, performed it live and then, once in the studio, I added piano, guitar, cymbals and two more vocal tracks.

I have, for the most part, in my music, art and writing been represented (by myself and others) as a feminist. Calling into question: age, sex, feminism and image, self-image, self-portrait. I have a low paying part time job as a fitness technician to supplement my creative income, but I am a success on my own terms.

This seems to have meant that very few comments were made in print on my appearance. I have wondered if I am responsible to uphold the image feminist role-model -- and will my exploits and photos be perceived as 'using sex to sell' a CD? Two of the songs that deviate from Internet dating have political content. The Caribou and the Oil Pipeline -- environmental concern, oil, Arctic devastation, caribou migration and calving, ecosystems disrupted by development.

The Observer ( piano, guitar, sax, keyboard) -- Observation on public transit and a reference to an era when talking about beauty with a loved one was a thing unto itself, an activity to enjoy.