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Nudes from croswell mi

The underlying plot of “The Family Digs” has to do with Sunshine, who’s following in dad’s footsteps as an archaeologist, having come home from Israel with a set of artifacts including an ossuary that, if it contains what its inscription says it does, would change both history and Christianity.

But like most families with oddball members, there’s one sane person in the Edwards family: Eve (Meg Mc Namee), Dr. Eve, an accountant for a museum, has to put up with her strange brother, who’s living with her in a tiny apartment, and his quirks, plus deal with Dad when he randomly drops in.

And, to complicate her life even more, two colleagues from the museum, Hannah and Sophia (Karen Miller and Emily Allshouse), come by with a proposal for a new business venture.

Ulch says the group shot is part of his Detroit Nude-Thomas Ulch Photography book project, in which people are photographed in the buff in public and private spaces around the Motor City to convey, among other things, both the sense of liberation and vulnerability that come with being unclothed.

The event is a fundraiser for the Russell Industrial Center, which Ulch said "fills a vital role in the community allowing short term leases at affordable rates." Each person who participates in the shoot is asked to donate a few bucks to help the building owner bring the Russell up to code, allowing the tenants to continue working until the issues are resolved.

Bonded by isolation, house party debauchery, a religion based on pushing the limits of bad taste, and a precocious predisposition towards the Kinks, the Animals and the Velvets, they have burgeoned into a rock and roll act to be reckoned with.

As the hysteria at their local shows steadily increases, so does their reputation with local law enforcement, forcing them daily more to seek employment anywhere but home.

DETROIT, MI — Strip and go naked and save the Russell Industrial Center? Detroit photographer Thomas Ulch is inviting Detroit residents to be part of a group nude photo shoot he hopes will raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to bring the facility up to code.