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This familiar sequence of events is exactly how powerful male abusers hide their crimes.

Weinstein had his PR team publish small aspects of it first, issue a fake denial, take the lead, and then use money and power to manipulate the public image so people will believe the abuser and not their victims.

Except Harvey Weinstein didn’t count on Rose Mc Gowan and the silent majority of American women taking action to renounce the rape of young girls in Hollywood: But this Canadian Family doesn’t have a Rose Mc Gowan or anyone to stand up for them, except us.

(For more info on circular statistics see Get the package, psych.

Here is a data frame with a week of hypothetical times of going to bed and getting up for one person, and the total amount of time sleep time obtained each night according to a sleep monitoring device.

Suddenly in mid-October 2016, the United Nations mysteriously deleted the document, tossed us out of the UN Global Compact, and Wikileaks hackers starting purging the public links to the Google Cache.

The UN is the same body (UN Women) that supposedly champions Emma Watson’s Hefor She Campaign.

Noam Lightstone holds a Master's degree from the University of Toronto and is a patent-pending inventor, digital nomad, author, and engineer.

He is the founder of Light Way Of Thinking-a resource aimed at promoting the awareness of, and destroying anxiety and depression through self improvement and life exploration.

The reason we have just withdrawn from UNESCO is because the UN is completely corrupt at all levels, packed full of antisemitism, and run through with third-world “diplomats” who hate the United States.

The UN and their “cultural” body UNESCO should both be moved out of New York to somewhere like Iran, so the UN can start being honest about its profoundly antisemitic, Holocaust-denying reality.

Today at the Davis R Users’ Group, Bonnie Dixon gave a tutorial on the various ways to handle dates and times in R.