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They are going to know where the person used the card." Keeping track Tracking is conducted for four primary reasons: Massive databases of information Millions of credit card users receive monthly statements detailing their spending during the billing cycle: The standard information provided includes the date of a purchase, the place of the purchase, including the name of the merchant, city, state, amount of the purchase and a transaction reference number.

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She says specific information about items purchased (that you bought a gallon of milk, for example) is not included in the data transferred from the merchant.

"As a general rule, the specific transaction information is not transmitted to the issuing bank.

It is a common industry practice to analyze the data for trends.

Several issuers offer cardholders annual summaries of their spending that categorize purchasing by type of merchant and amounts spent.

Shopping at large supermarkets or wholesale clubs -- which offer a variety of product lines -- may also keep some purchases private.

Other tips: Spread purchases that may indicate risky behavior over several credit cards to avoid triggering an alert for a single issuer.

Editor's note: See updated version of this article: What you buy, where you shop can affect your credit Think of it as an electronic bug in your wallet.

Every time you make a purchase on a credit card or debit card, a record of that transaction is logged into a database of information collected by your credit card issuer.

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