Start Netvibes not updating

Netvibes not updating

Also, the widget does not identify if a market is open or close. Are you closing it before adding it to the dashboard or removing the widget from the dashboard to exit?

Check if your system time is changing which is the reference for the widget to show in gray vs. So far, I use US symbols and it has always shown the correct info.

I also haven't received any other reports from the users having similar problems.

I'm glad that both options are made as [email protected], Prices for the symbols traded in London Stock Exchange, when quoted in "GBp" (NOT GBP) or "GBX" are in pence. If you use tablet device or desktop, I suggest you use instead of mobile.

Look for the currency in the summary panel to confirm. If you have multi currency portfolio, it's better to separate the data into different instance of the widget so that the calculations are accurate. Hope that [email protected], how do you exit the widget?

The number are updating so it looks like a rendering issue - any tips?

Thank you @duthieg, the widget uses multiple web services to retrieve various types of information and not all the services are available in the secure mode at this time.

The browser based setting produces this: "An Error occured while fetching the details...

Invalid Service Response" The server based option produces a blank widget.

Yes @techgrh, that's a new option introduced in the recent release. L Problem with refresh is still persisting and I've tried clearing caches, etc.

For most users, the browser based option should work fine, but for some users like you need to use server based option. Also, the London shares seem to use UK pence as the monitory unit which does very funky things to the holdings screen (eg a £19 RSDA share shows as 1900)@ajoskubik, by the way, if you are using netvibes app on mobile or using access it, then there's a known issue that netvibes do not store and sync the data unless you keep the page running for certain time.

There is no change to the original widget, except that I have introduced all kinds of ways to fetch the data.