Start Naked chat rooms with no regestrating or anything

Naked chat rooms with no regestrating or anything

This means that a hundred years from now, the beaches in Florida will have about one foot deeper water on them. The entire narrative is a total fraud (and NASA’s own data confirm that). By what lunacy do climate alarmists arrive at the conclusion that a frozen, dry planet is somehow better than a wet, warm, lush planet with more rainforests and food production?

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As I explain in these science education videos, “greening” the planet requires higher CO2, warmer temperatures and less ice.

for all plant life and ecosystems across the planet.

Now, Al Gore says he needs just $15 trillion (yes, trillion) to fight global warming and save humanity from rising ocean levels.

Yet NASA tells us that oceans are only rising at 3.4mm per year, or about a foot per century.

Some asshole will insult you, or you’ll have a slow night, or your big spenders are off on vacation, or a million other things.

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