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Myanmar sex room

There are reportedly about 240,000 LGBTI people in Myanmar.

The stigma and discrimination against of the LGBTI community also has consequences on public health.

According to UNAids, about 240,000 people in Burma are affected by HIV/Aids, which is about 0.6% of the population.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Human Rights Declaration has been denounced by International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission for making no provision for the security of LGBTI people from persecution in the region.

The 2008 Constitution of Myanmar does not refer explicitly to sexual orientation or gender identity, but it does recognise the right to equality before the law regardless of race, sex and religion, and the right to freedom of assembly and association.

LGBTI refugees in Thailand’s Mae La refugee camp have reported abuse and discrimination.

LGBTI people are not confident that current reforms in Myanmar will afford them the hope of repatriation (see Moses’ report in Forced Migration Review at page 11).

Additional provisions, while not explicitly criminalizing homosexuality, are used to target LGBTI people.