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I took screen grabs of her laying on the play mat or shaking a rattle and sent them to family and friends across the country. If she wasn’t on the screen, I’d wonder: “Is she being changed? Seeing her snuggled in their arms sipping her bottle and drifting off to sleep made my heart sink.

The webcam also helped motivate me while pumping breast milk at work, which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. In my mind, the daycare center was totally transparent and, as long as parents weren’t looking at it 24/7 searching for a problem, it was simply a way for them to keep an eye on their little ones when they were away. Even though the webcam view was a little grainy, I could see her smiling and laughing as they played, and I wished it were making her smile and laugh.

I had no idea it would be that hard; it literally felt like a piece of me was missing all day, but I had no choice but to keep it together at work.