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Its a tricky subject because I think it’s hard to understand and fathom the aspects of this lifestyle, especially if you decide to follow along and take up a nomadic life as well.

It’s been absolutely great, but I tell you, sometimes it can get a little tiring.

I long for the days when I know EVERYTHING and can communicate to almost EVERYONE.

Then there’s also the time when Derik got into a car accident, and the time we got kicked out of our apartment -both instances of open racism. I can’t do anything about it; not a single damn thing.

You should know that a good majority of the population isn’t racist, and I have some amazing local friends, but I just don’t understand the ones that are so against other ethnicities.

Now that I aware of this action, I notice that the locals are doing it to me as I walk by them on the street.

Think of it as someone giving you ‘the finger’ as you innocently pass by, smile or not. I also had someone else a couple weekends ago(an older gentleman as well, probably 50-60) at a bus station reach his leg way out to trip me, and then as I turned around he laughed at me.

The clothes, kitchen supplies, jewelry, and various nicknacks we did keep mean nothing to me.