Start Men with money dating sites

Men with money dating sites

They say the best clubs are the hardest to get in, and that could be the case with Seeking Arrangement.

Seeking Arrangement has its own unique profile approval process, which is not disclosed.

However certain countries do seem to be blacklisted – or at the very least you’ll be routed to a different site altogether if you happen to reside in an “undesirable” location (namely not North America).

Less like a dating site, Seeking is a place where people of lower financial means can go to look for a financial donor, a rich person to support them, possibly through a tough period in their lives.

Members on this site are able to say exactly what type of financial arrangement they are seeking from a prospective wealthy benefactor.

Other things to look out for are free complimentary membership for women – some sites will offer free membership to women they “deem to be” extremely attractive.

While Sugar and Wealthy are more subtle about financial affairs, sites such as Seeking and Sugar Daddy For are much more open and upfront about money matters.

It can also be between an older woman (a sugar momma) and younger guy.