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Meet n fuck free no credit card

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Unlike certain beginner personal finance gurus, Mr.

Money Mustache is a big fan of cash-back credit cards.

However, the Virgin card lets you do a money transfer, where instead of paying off another card it simply pays cash into your bank account, meaning you can shift overdraft debts to it at 26 months: 0pc for a one-off 4pc fee (for normal transfers it’s 2.99pc, meaning you can use it for both).

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Not for borrowing, of course, but as a means of channeling through your standard spending and collecting significant rewards (for most of us, over $1000 per year).

My travel-hacking, part-time-mechanical-engineering, credit card afficionado friend Brandon Cronan keeps his eye on the changing and competitive credit card landscape and keeps his latest recommendation on the following page, which we host on the “cardratings” website. Money Mustache Credit Card Recommendations now at On that page, you’ll find a list of our favorite credit cards for travel hacking, as well as Brandon’s commentary on strategies.

The amount you can transfer depends on the credit limit given.