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Mature sim dating games

Of course, these never happened within the context of the game, so you’re returned back to her house, supposedly with stars in your eyes for the beautiful time you could have had together as a proper couple on vacation.

Looking past the gameplay length though, provides a serious peek into the future of the VR dating sim genre and what it might become.

Locomotion is either static room-scale, which warps you through different parts of the story or room on cue, or ‘on-rails’ forward motion when within scenes. The game’s dialogue tree is a wooden and wholly uninspiring way to interact with another person in VR, but seems like a necessary evil in lieu of some future version of AI-driven voice recognition that ought to be next to perfect to maintain the illusion.

As for the dialogue itself, I often felt my gaze wandering (not what you think) to rest of the room because of how painfully boring the conversation went.

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