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Some paraphilias (like transvestism) are harmless, while others (such as pedophilia) are fairly monstrous.

It would be a better (safer, healthier, more empowering) idea to explore feelings about abuse in a therapy relationship.

Not knowing your family, I have no idea how they might respond to your secret.

For some people, it is thrilling to be in someone else’s power (or to have power over others.

Other early psychoanalysts talked about the masochistic character is those of whom continually complain, demand and engage in self-debasement, a tendency toward feeling insignificant, worthless, and a dependency on the benevolence of others.

In my work with both genders, I help men and women to understand their relational needs and help them to help themselves in choosing to make healthy relationship choices.

I am not one to label a woman nor a man as a “relationship masochist”, even when making unhealthy relationship choices.

Thus, I say; if the diagnosis is in question, the definition becomes in question.