Start Mary balfour dating

Mary balfour dating

Then, there’s my birthday, bank holidays and all of August.

My selection includes a banker, a doctor – and a bike-racer. He strikes me as much younger than his 66 years, boasts dark good looks and the hours we spend together over brunch fly by.

At the very least, talking about what I want in a partner has focused my thinking.

I feel sure that I’ll meet someone with whom to share those special days and maybe quite a bit more — hopefully by Christmas!

I report back and discover that I wasn’t what Jonathan was looking for. My original scepticism has been replaced by enthusiasm. They struggle as much as women to meet someone on the same wavelength.

But I don’t feel rejected or upset: a professional matchmaker’s involvement changes the whole process. All the agencies say it takes five or six attempts to get it right.

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Before he calls with some prospective candidates, I visit Karen Mooney, who established Sara Eden in 1988, with offices in London and Windsor.