Start Loreal rouge caress dating coral

Loreal rouge caress dating coral

The problem is the pigmentation and the staying power.

When I saw that L'Oréal made a version of this I had to try it.

The packaging is better than the revlon lip butter it is easy to hold and with a transparent cover so that we can see the color.

I've tried blotting and reapplying, and it makes hardly any difference to the end result. If you put it in your bag, make sure that it doesn't move around, otherwise the lip will come off and ruin the lipstick.

You will have to reapply every 2-3 hours, and immediately if you eat or drink anything. I now treat it like a tinted lip balm rather than lipstick, and it works great for that purpose!

Now the question is: Which one is better, Revlon Lip Butter or L’Oreal Rouge Caresse? Even though they both start off on the same premise, – a balmy lipstick – L’Oreal has really perfected its product.

When I tried on Rouge Caresse for the first time I was amazed at the almost melting feeling of the lipstick.

Overall, it's thin texture and low pigmentation makes it seem to me less like a "rebel red" and more like a "politically neither here nor there pink" I have been hooked on rouge in love lipstick by Lancome.