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The project’s chief architect, producer David Gregory, decided to give himself and six of the genre’s most provocative practitioners the same budget with which to concoct something loosely connected to the graphic traditions of Grand Guignol.

It’s an important, well-written, deeply absorbing piece of scholarship on the modern mating market—vital reading for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of current American sexual behaviors, with the hard social research Regnerus provides to back up his conclusions. Professor Amy Barrett is a distinguished (Catholic) law professor at the University of Notre Dame.

Anyone in marriage and family ministry, or the adult formation of men and women, should have a working knowledge of this text. She’s also a White House nominee to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Within marriage, sexual intimacy is a source of unity, joy and new life.

At the same time, Scripture is clear about the destructive nature of promiscuity in any form.

But the free rein Gregory gave them seems to have sent them into realms of not just visceral but also emotional and moral anxiety, with results ranging from the strictly gruesome to the gleefully sordid to the gently intimidating.

While the omnibus’ six chapters and eponymous wraparound (starring Udo Kier and directed by Jeremy Kasten) were produced independently of one another, themes nonetheless arise, coincidentally or not.

As a result, he’s been the target of sustained, ugly (but unsuccessful) personal and professional attacks.

Regnerus’s latest book is (Oxford University Press). Before his appointment to Philadelphia by Pope Benedict in 2011, he served as bishop of Rapid City, South Dakota and archbishop of Denver.

The call to chastity applies to persons, whatever their sexual inclinations. It doesn’t matter how strong or widely shared or persuasive a bad system of ideas might seem to be.

Sarah especially noted that “In her teaching about homosexuality, the Church guides her followers by distinguishing their identities from their attractions and actions.” [are] gravely sinful and harmful to the well-being of those who partake in them. The trouble, as we learned in the last century, is that foolish and perverse thinking can take a long time to die.

In confirmation hearings on Wednesday, September 6, Democratic senators repeatedly raised thinly veiled questions about Barrett’s suitability to serve linked to her Catholic faith.