Start Live chat room in facking

Live chat room in facking

Although this type of chatroom has essentially evolved into SMS text messages, the world of chatrooms is far from extinct.

You also might have a chatroom for a blog, forum or even a small business app for a law firm.

Seeing as how the chatroom is so powerful for customer service and internal business communications, it makes sense to get a chatroom module in your mobile app so everyone has access to it in their pocket.

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That’s what i Build App has done with the new Chatzy feature.

Resellers can pitch this tool to clients, and regular small businesses have a chance to expand the way they communicate with customers.

The app creator makes a completely private chat for their organization, invites people to join, then makes sure the chat module is inserted into the mobile app.

You can always go in there and delete the chatroom if needed, or create multiple chatrooms for different groups of people in your organization.

You add the new Chatzy app like you would any other feature – by going to your current app in the dashboard, and hitting the Add a New Page button or replacing a current feature you don’t use anymore.