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Although a variety of models were offered, all share the same basic design.

A collapsible SLR required a complex light path for the viewfinder, with three mirrors (including one Fresnel reflector) of unusual, aspheric shapes set at odd angles to create an erect image on the film and an erect aerial image for the viewfinder.

Many mechanical parts were precision plastic moldings.

Not until the $40 Model 1000 One Step using SX-70 film became the best-selling camera of the 1977 Christmas shopping season, however, did its technology become truly popular.

The SX-70 included many sophisticated design elements.

The cameras allow for focusing as close as 10.4 inches (26.4 cm), and have a shutter speed range from 1/175 s to more than 10 seconds.

The Model 3 departs from the other models since it isn't a SLR, but instead has the viewfinder cut into the mirror hood.

The Land Camera Model 95 was the first camera to use instant film to quickly produce photographs without developing them in a laboratory.

The popular Model 95 and subsequent Land Cameras required complex procedures to take and produce good photographs.

When many users complained that focusing was difficult, especially in dim light, a split-image rangefinder prism was added.

This feature is standard on all later manual focus models.) and SLR 680 models were equipped with a sonar autofocus system.

The body was made of glass-filled polysulfone, a rigid plastic which was plated with a thin layer of copper-nickel-chromium alloy to give a metallic appearance.