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Lisa salters dating

Every time the Warriors step on the court, they’re going to perform as well as the Plastics did, and even if something goes wrong, KD, or another member of the team will adapt, and they will overcome it.

Remember the scene where the Plastics totally crushed their performance of “Jingle Bell Rock?

The dude behind him is his teammate, De Marcus Cousins. These are three of the biggest troublemakers in the NBA, and you’ll see them involved in altercations all season long.

That’s Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose of the New York Knicks.

They want to be the best team in the NBA but they’re probably just going to be pretty alright.

They’re like the kids who are stuck in-between the social outcasts and popular kids.

So, who are the members of the Golden State Warriors and how do they compare to the Plastics? Not just because they're both popular, but each of them have successful fathers.

Curry’s dad didn't do anything to change the world, like invent the toaster strudel, but he did have an accomplished, 16-year career in the NBA. Before Cady sat with Regina George at lunch, you wouldn't have expected her to join the Plastics, because she had her own group you thought she'd be loyal to.

The NBA and Mean Girls are two widely beloved things.