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Both options were at hand in New York last week, as they are every week.

[01/25/13 - PM]Interview: "103 Ways to Get Into TV (By 102 Who Did, Plus Me)" Author Jim Mc Kairnes The former CBS executive chats about his new book, about how to come to Los Angeles and succeed in the television business.[06/20/12 - AM]Interview: "Necessary Roughness" Co-Stars Callie Thorne, Marc Blucas & Mehcad Brooks Plus: executive producer Kevin Dowling on the new season, airing Wednesdays at /c on USA.

WHAT’S BETTER: taking home an overpriced picture by a deceased artist, or being seated next to a fashionable one at dinner?

But, no, they just kind of did it and then we could write towards that sometimes.

It's a huge moment, I think for Jackie and for Grace, when you see a parent-child, wow. I was so glad that we were able to share that truth. "Nurse Jackie" airs every Sunday at /c on Showtime.

The little girl, Ruby [Jerins], who plays Grace, is the happiest child you'll ever meet but she just goes there so fast.

You go, 'Oh, my god.' She's just a remarkable little actress who can pull this off.

Zoey's world about what pen she's using and how she sits and how she reacts to everybody.